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"Looks like a school bus for 6 year old pimps."
Nacho Varga to Daniel Wormald about his Hummer.[src]

The 2003 Hummer H2 was the vehicle that Daniel Wormald bought for himself with the money gained through his pharmaceuticals trafficking.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 2[]

After a successful first pharmaceuticals sale to Nacho, Daniel Wormald replaces his bland minivan with a brand new, brightly-colored Hummer. Daniel arrives at the usual rendezvous point to take Mike, but he refuses to get into the conspicuous vehicle. Since Nacho has been coming alone, Daniel feels confident handling the job solo.

When Daniel arrives at the meet, Nacho feigns interest and Daniel lets him have a sit inside. While Daniel is counting the money, Nacho quickly looks inside the glove box to get Daniel's real name and home address from the vehicle registration. ("Switch")

Later, Daniel shows up at Mike's parking booth and informs him that his house has been broken into and that his baseball card collection, to which he is sentimentally attached, has been stolen. Mike, hearing that the police have summoned Daniel to an interview, realizes that the police think he's covering up illegal activities after noticing the Hummer. Seeing that Daniel won’t be swayed, Mike offers a compromise: he’ll find the cards himself.

Mike immediately concludes that Nacho did the job and helps Daniel get his baseball cards back (along with $10,000), in exchange for Nacho taking the Hummer to a chop shop. ("Cobbler")


  • The VIN (vehicle identification number) on the Hummer's registration is shown to be "1J8GL58KX3W547344". This is incorrect as the VIN for a Hummer H2 begins with "5GRGN" and according to Carfax, the VIN shown belongs to a 2003 Jeep Liberty.

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