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The 2003 Ford Crown Victoria P71 was Jeff's taxi cab. It has a yellow paint job, plastic black bumpers and door handles, and is brandished in Omaha United Cabs livery. It is marked as cab #357. Also hanging from the rear view mirror of the car is an Albuquerque Isotopes dangler, presumably acquired by Jeff during his time in Albuquerque.



The car is likely a retired police fleet vehicle, subsequently purchased by either Jeff or Omaha United Cabs and used for taxiing purposes. Several details on the car point to it being a 2003 model, such as the plastic door handles, older steering wheel design, plastic mirror caps, and lack of side airbags.

Better Call Saul[]

Season 4[]

Jimmy is picked up by the cab at Lowe Memorial Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska, requesting to the cab driver that he'd like to go to Cottonwood Mall. The Albuquerque Isotopes dangler hanging from the rear view mirror, and intent stare of the driver, to the point where he doesn't go through a green light, unnerves Jimmy to the point of requesting to be dropped off in a random suburb. When Jimmy gets out, the car does not move.

Season 6[]

The car is shown in the scene directly after the intro, as Jeff is parking by his mother's house. It's also seen in the background whilst Jeff is running around the field later on in the episode. ("Nippy")

Jimmy, Jeff, and Buddy's new scam heavily involves the cab, as Jeff's role is to pick up Jimmy's bar "companion" in his car, offer him water drugged with barbiturates, and put a piece of duct tape over the patron's door latch as he's walking into his house. During a scam gone slightly awry where in Buddy backs out due to the scammed man having cancer, Jimmy rides to the man's house in Jeff's cab, and tells him to pull up "real slow, like you're picking up a fare" in 20 minutes. ("Breaking Bad (episode)",  "Breaking Bad")

Jimmy, stealing things from the man's house, takes longer than expected. On top of that, a police cruiser parks behind Jeff's cab. Nervous that they might catch Jimmy in the act of breaking and entering and put them both in jail, Jeff speeds away and crashes into a nearby parked car. This diversion allows Jimmy to escape freely, but also puts Jeff in jail. The car is never seen again and is presumed to be totaled. ("Waterworks")

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