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The 2002 Honda Odyssey is one of Daniel Wormald's car.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

Daniel arrives in his Honda Odyssey to pick up his bodyguards. After Mike Ehrmantraut proved he was the only one required for this mission, the two go at a desolate abandoned power plant to complete the transaction with Nacho Varga. ("Pimento")

Season 2[]

After a successful first pharmaceuticals sale to Nacho, Daniel replaces his Honda Odyssey with a brand new Hummer, but is forced to hand it over to Nacho to retrieve the baseball card collection he stole from him. From then on, Daniel again used his Honda Odyssey as his only vehicle. ("Switch"), ("Cobbler")


  • The wood panels that decorate this vehicle are reminiscent of those of Skyler White's main car in Breaking Bad.
  • In the episode "Expenses", Daniel drives for the first time a Toyota Sienna. It is not yet known if Daniel has definitively replaced his Odyssey with this new vehicle.

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