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The 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse was Kim Wexler's car.


Better Call Saul[]

The Eclipse was Kim's main car. It is briefly seen during various scenes, including in the HHM car park or during a meeting with Jimmy. ("Cobbler") ("Bali Ha'i")

While waiting for her car to be retrieved by the valet at Forque Kitchen and Bar, Howard Hamlin confronts her over the check she wrote for the remainder of her law school loan that was owed to Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill. She rebukes Howard's claim that she and Jimmy McGill damaged HHM's reputation with Chuck McGill's rant with the fact that he withheld knowledge of Chuck's condition to their clients before driving off. ("Slip")

After meeting with Billy Gatwood at an oil field, the car becomes stuck in the dirt. Kim manages to push the car free and narrowly avoids hitting an oil well after it starts rolling towards one. Later, while driving to a meeting with Billy, Kim falls asleep at the wheel and is badly injured when her car crashes into a ditch. Kim stumbles out of the wreck as legal papers litter the ground around her. ("Fall")

Sometime after she got the job at Schweikart & Cokely, she got a 2004 Audi A8 L and the Eclipse is not seen again.


  • In "Fall", the Eclipse's drivetrain has a contradiction. When Kim pushes it out of the dirt, it starts rolling fowards on flat ground, suggesting it has an automatic transmission as a manual transmission would have stalled the engine while Kim went to get plywood since the clutch wasn't disengaged. When Kim gets back into the car and slams on the brakes to stop it from hitting an oil well, she starts the car again; this is only necessary with a manual as the torque converter in an automatic would allow the engine to continue running without transmitting its power to the wheels.

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