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The 1998 Jaguar XJ8 is Howard Hamlin's car.


Better Call Saul[]

The car is seen briefly in different scenes during the first two seasons. During the second episode of season 3, Howard goes to Chuck's house but parks at a safe distance. He uncharacteristically sneaks over several walls to be let in through the back door. ("Amarillo")

After Jimmy gets his law license back, Howard invites him to lunch with the intention of hiring him to HHM. When they leave, the valet pulls up in Howard's Jaguar, followed by another valet in Jimmy's 1998 Suzuki Esteem. Perhaps consumed by jealousy, Jimmy goes to Howard’s house with three bowling balls he bought that afternoon, and throws each of them over Howard’s driveway gate, denting the hood and smashing the Jaguar’s rear windshield. ("Namaste")

After Huell Babineaux makes a copy of the key and the key fob for Jimmy, ("Rock and Hard Place") he dresses up as Howard and he briefly steals the car as part of Jimmy and Kim's plot to discredit Howard. After an elaborate ploy with the help of Wendy, Jimmy returns the car before Howard even notices that it was gone. ("Hit and Run")

His car is briefly seen during Howard's morning routine, in which he hangs his jacket inside his car. ("Axe and Grind")

Howard drives the car for the final time to confront Jimmy and Kim at their apartment. He is promptly executed by Lalo Salamanca, the car left in the complex's parking overnight. ("Plan and Execution")


After Howard's murder, Mike Ehrmantraut has his man Arthur drive the car to a warehouse owned by Gustavo Fring. It is then driven to the coast of California several states away. Mike tells Jimmy and Kim that they will leave cocaine on the front seat and the odometer with the exact miles that it would take to reach the ocean, making it seem like Howard had committed suicide by walking into the ocean while high. As Howard's car was parked outside of Kim's apartment for several hours and was most likely seen, Jimmy and Kim will have to call the police and relate their own parts of the story as they will be known as the last people to have seen Howard alive. ("Point and Shoot")


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