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Don't you think Saul Goodman would drive something with a little more flair? (...) Definitely American made, something showy.
Kim Wexler advising Jimmy McGill on branding.[src]

The 1997 Cadillac DeVille was Saul Goodman's car. It has a white paintjob and a bright yellow personalized plate that reads "LWYRUP", portraying the phrase "lawyer up". For Saul, his Cadillac is an important symbol of his professional success.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

In the first episode of Better Call Saul, Jimmy parks his car next to a white Cadillac similar to this one. ("Uno")

Upon hearing that Jimmy has become a lawyer, Marco envisions him driving through the desert in a white Cadillac. ("Marco")

Season 6[]

Reacting to Jimmy's rented Ford Taurus, Kim Wexler suggests a car more in line with the Saul Goodman persona, something with "flair," "American made," and "showy." ("Wine and Roses"). Sometime prior to 2007, Saul follows Marco and Kim's advice, purchasing the Cadillac. He also procures a disability placard, allowing him to park the vehicle in handicap spaces. ("Fun and Games")

Breaking Bad[]

The Cadillac is regularly seen through the series as soon as Saul has to go to various places, sometimes accompanied by Walter, Jesse, Huell, or Kuby.

Season 2[]

The car is first seen parked outside Goodman's office, shortly before his kidnapping by Walt and Jesse. ("Better Call Saul")

Season 3[]

Saul and Walter meet in the Cadillac to surveil the A1A Car Wash, Skyler White's suggested front business. Saul mentions having had the vehicle serviced at the car wash before multiple times. He complains that the employees always give him an air freshener despite his explicit directions not to, leaving the Cadillac smelling like an "alpine whorehouse." ("Abiquiú")

Season 4[]

Saul visits Skyler at the car wash to discuss their ongoing plot to prevent an audit of Ted Beneke. Though Skyler expresses concern at their being seen together, Saul uses the Cadillac as cover, arguing, "celebrities have to get their cars washed just like everybody else." ("Salud")

Season 5[]

Saul uses the car to transport Jesse to a desert meeting with Walter, where Jesse agrees to use the services of the Disappearer. ("Confessions")

Upon discovering that Walter was behind the poisoning of Brock Cantillo, Jesse steals Saul's Cadillac and furiously drives to Walter's house, mounting the pavement and stopping only several feet from the front door. Jesse, enraged with anger, grabs a fuel container and rushes into the house, dousing the living room with gasoline. ("Confessions")

Mere moments before Jesse ignites the fuel, Hank Schrader, who had been following Jesse, interrupts the arson attack and takes Jesse home with him to aid his investigation into Walter. ("Rabid Dog")

While driving home, Walter spots the parked Cadillac in front of his house and, knowing Jesse is likely intending to kill him, parks up the street and ponders his next action. Walter decides to sneak into his home from the backyard, arming himself with a pistol, only to discover that Jesse is no longer there. ("Rabid Dog")

Shortly after, Huell reclaims the car for Saul. While hiding from Jesse at a hotel, Walt later attempts to secretly meet with Saul and Kuby about the Jesse situation in the Cadillac. Skyler immediately recognizes the distinctive vehicle from her window, and questions Walt about the conversation. ("Rabid Dog")

Saul again uses the car as an excuse to meet the Whites at the car wash, meeting Walter White Jr. in the process. ("To'hajiilee")

Saul later abandons the car to flee through the Disappearer. ("Granite State")

Post-Breaking Bad[]

Following the events of Breaking Bad, Saul's Cadillac is seen at Saul's mansion being loaded onto a tow truck as his possessions are being impounded. ("Wine and Roses")


  • Saul's vanity plate refers to the expression "lawyer up."
  • In one episode, Jesse Pinkman leans on the trunk of the car, making the license plate show "WYRUP", meaning "Wire Up", as a nod to the episode "Rabid Dog", where Hank Schrader gets Jesse to wear a wire to catch Walter.

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