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The 1991 Toyota Previa was the vehicle Ed Galbraith used for his side business helping criminals disappear from Albuquerque.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 5[]

After Walt asks Jesse to get out of town, Saul arranges for him to be disappeared. Ed comes to pick up Jesse with his Toyota Previa, but Jesse cancels after realizing he's been manipulated. ("Confessions")

Following Hank Schrader & Steven Gomez's deaths at the hands of Jack Welker's Gang and leaving his family, Walt meets Ed to start his new life. ("Ozymandias")

El Camino[]

After being rescued by Walt from Jack Welker's Compound, Jesse tries to track down Ed to enlist his services again. After finding Ed's shop, Jesse realizes that he's in the right place when he spots the Previa parked out back, recognizing it from the aborted pickup. After he can't remember the correct passphrase, Jesse uses remembering the van as proof that Ed is "the guy." Ed eventually gives in and tells Jesse that he has to pay him for the first time as well as the current time. ("El Camino")


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