The Buick Century is the car that Mike was planning to use to escape Albuquerque.


Breaking Bad

After Mike manages to escape the DEA, Walter goes to the airport to retrieve Mike's stashed duffle bag from a parked car. Near a river, Mike waits for Walter to arrive. Walter finally does but demands that Mike tell him the name of his nine henchmen before he gives up his bag. The two argue fiercely, but Mike finally gets his bag back and goes back to his car. When Mike checks the bag, he discovers that the gun is missing from it's holster, just as Walt, seething out of frustration and anger, walks up to the window and uses Mike's own gun to shoot him - a single shot, the bullet shattering through the glass and into his stomach. Mike steps on the gas only to soon veer off and crash into a nearby rock. Off-screen Mike gets out of the car to attempt escape on foot. Walt's left agape, realizing what he has just done, then runs over only to find the car empty. ("Say My Name")

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