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The 1988 Mercury Sable is a car which belonged to Betsy and Craig Kettleman.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

Jimmy hires Cal and Lars Lindholm to scam Betsy Kettleman. The two brothers execute their ploy on the wrong victim by mistaking the vehicle, because Betsy's Mercury Sable and Tuco's grandmother's Ford Taurus are very similar. ("Uno")

Jimmy later passes the car while tracking down the Kettleman's following their faked kidnapping. After seeing a decal of a family making their way to a tent on the car's back window, Jimmy gets the idea to search the nearby desert for the missing family where he finds them camping. ("Nacho")

Season 6[]

Years after Jimmy's last encounter with them, the car is parked outside of the Kettleman's new tax service when he visits to enlist their help in his con against Howard Hamlin. ("Carrot and Stick")


  • The scam skaters' blunder mistaking Tuco's grandmother's Taurus for the Kettleman Sable wagon is the key element that sets up the course of events for the rest of Jimmy's life. He might never have met Tuco or Nacho Varga, hence would never have met Jesse or Walter.
  • The car's year is misidentified as a "1998 Mercury Sable Wagon" in "Uno".

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