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This article is about Jesse's Chevrolet Monte Carlo. For the rivals dealers's car, see 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. For Lalo Salamanca's car, see 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

Hank: "Is Jesse still driving the '89 Chevy Monte Carlo, as far as you know?"
Diane: "If he had spent half as much time as money on his education as he has on that ridiculous bouncing car..."
Hank: "Low rider, huh?"
Hank and Diane Pinkman about Jess's Chevrolet Monte Carlo[src]

The 1982 Chevrolet Monte Carlo was a car that belonged to Jesse Pinkman. The car was part of the Fourth Generation Generation of Chevrolet Monte Carlo, an American-made two-door coupe introduced for model year 1970, and manufactured over six generations through model year 2007.


It is unknown when Jesse acquired the Monte Carlo, but when the DEA came to bust the meth lab that he and Emilio Koyama set up, Jesse escaped in the pimped-out vehicle while Emilio was captured. It was then that Walter White saw the vanity license plate of the car, which read "THE CAPN", and thus figured out that Jesse was the meth dealer the DEA was searching for ("Pilot").

Later, Tuco Salamanca kidnapped Jesse and Walt and drove them out into the desert stuck within the Monte Carlo. Hank Schrader eventually located them using a Low Jack system Jesse had installed in the car. During the shootout between Tuco and Hank, the car's hydraulic pumps caused the car to "bounce." After the first car was destroyed in the shootout with Tuco, Jesse purchases the more practical 1986 Toyota Tercel from Badger's cousin Clovis.


  • Jesse's license plate refers to his street name, Cap'n Cook.
  • The car was eventually bought by Rusty's TV and Movie Cars Museum.
  • There were actually 2 different cars, the 1982 with a hood ornament and Grey interior only shown in season one because it was rented. They decided to keep Jesse on the show therefore they bought the 1982 Monte Carlo with a brown interior and without a hood ornament, it was featured on the show until it got shot up in the desert.
  • A Monte Carlo can be seen in the background when Jimmy is selling drop phones at the Dog House in "Quite a Ride".


Jesse's Monte Carlo was selected during the Pilot (before Transportation Captain Dennis W. Milliken joined the show) and lasted until early Season Two.