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"Damn man, this thing's a classic. What block you got in it? 500 or the 425?"
"Couldn't tell you."
"500. That's the one you want. No replacement for displacement.
Kenny and Walter White[src]

The 1977 Cadillac Sedan DeVille was Walter White's car for the final day of his life. He used this vehicle in Albuquerque to tie up all the loose ends of his drug empire.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 5[]

The Cadillac Sedan DeVille was sold to him for 100$ by the arms dealer Lawson as a means to transport the M60 in its trunk. ("Live Free or Die")

The car was collected from a Denny's parking lot and Walt drove it to his old home ("Blood Money"), Skyler's Apartment and eventually Jack Welker's Compound.

Walt modified the vehicle to have an hidden, oscillating, remote activated M60 machine gun in the trunk, which when activated, would fire and spin left and right. Walt ultimately used the vehicle and its weapon to kill Jack Welker's Gang, though a round from the gun struck Walt himself and mortally wounded him, later killing him.

It was last seen abandoned in the compound, damaged from machine-gun fire, presumably to be later seized by the arriving Albuquerque police after Walt’s death. ("Felina")


  • The last three numbers of the licence plate refer to season 5, episode 16.
  • There were two DeVilles used in filming: a stunt car used for the M60 sequence, and a driver. The driver sold at auction October 8th 2013 for $19,750, about 440% above book value.

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