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The AMC Javelin AMX is Nacho's car in Better Call Saul.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 4[]

After Hector's stroke and subsequent hospitalisation, Nacho takes over for him. Starting around this time, he can first be seen using the Javelin to commute to work at the El Michoacáno restaurant and back home. ("Coushatta") Later, after his arrival in Albuquerque, he drives Lalo Salamanca to Los Pollos Hermanos and then to stake out Gus's chicken farm. ("Wiedersehen")

Season 5[]

After Saul Goodman is hired to represent Krazy-8 towards the DEA, Nacho uses the Javelin to drive him to a meeting with Lalo, and then back to court. ("The Guy For This") He is soon after summoned by Gus and drives the Javelin to meet him, Victor, and Mike Ehrmantraut after Gus forcefully recruits him as a double agent. ("Wexler v. Goodman") He continues to use the car to meet Mike, such as after Lalo instructed him from jail to burn down a Los Pollos Hermanos. ("JMM")

BCS 509 Lalo

Nacho drops off Lalo near the US–Mexican border

After Lalo is released from prison and decides to skip bail, Nacho drives him to Casa Tranquila one last time to see Hector, before driving him to the border. However, Lalo changes his mind after going back to inspect Jimmy's car and finding it riddled with bullets. He has Nacho take him back to Albuquerque to confront Jimmy and Kim before ultimately leaving for Mexico, taking Nacho with him. ("Bad Choice Road")

Seeing as the two arrive at Lalo's hacienda in a different car, it's likely the Javelin was destroyed or abandoned somewhere along the way, possibly to avoid leaving evidence behind. ("Something Unforgivable")

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