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The 1972 Ford Thunderbird is Skinny Pete's car.


Breaking Bad[]

As Hank watches over Jesse's house, he sees Skinny Pete and Badger out. Skinny Pete leaves behind the wheel of his Ford Thunderbird while Badger drives his Pontiac Fiero. ("Sunset")

After Hank beats Jesse, Skinny Pete picks him up at the hospital with his Ford Thunderbird. ("I See You")

El Camino[]

After Old Joe flees when he realizes Todd's El Camino has a LoJack system, Skinny Pete comes up with an idea to throw the cops off Jesse's trail by having Badger drive Skinny Pete's Thunderbird to the Mexican border, and then hide it for the cops to find.

Better Call Saul[]

Around two months later, Francesca Liddy tells Jimmy McGill that this car was found at the border and that the police now think Jesse has fled to Mexico, confirming that Skinny Pete's plan worked. ("Breaking Bad")

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