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"Wahoo! You hear that? I replaced the carburetor. She's running like a racehorse, man."
"It's a fine vehicle. That's a thing of beauty.
Lalo Salamanca and Jimmy McGill[src]

The 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo is the car that Lalo Salamanca uses in Albuquerque.


Season 4[]

As he drives to Werner Ziegler's location, Mike notices Lalo tailing him. Taking out and chewing on some gum, Mike pulls into a parking lot and collects a ticket; Lalo follows him. After the two men park, Mike takes two foil gum wrappers and sticks them together. When another motorist approaches the tolling gate, Mike cuts him off, drives to the gate himself, and jams the ticket machine with the gum wrapper. Mike drives away while Lalo and the motorist are stuck at the gate. Desperate to catch up, Lalo rear-ends the motorist and plows both cars through the gate. However, Lalo angrily realizes that Mike has given him the slip. ("Winner")

Season 5[]

While investigating the murder of Fred Whalen by Lalo, Mike prompts a witness to remember seeing the Monte Carlo in the parking lot of the TravelWire. She then calls the information in to Detective Tim Roberts who Mike makes sure gets the information on the hit-and-run from the parking lot. With the murder occurring only 20 blocks east of the parking lot and half an hour later, the cops are able to connect Fred's murder to Lalo. After being tipped off by Mike, the cops stop Lalo at a traffic light and arrest him. Surrounded, Lalo is forced to shut off his car and drop the keys out of the window. ("Wexler v. Goodman")

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