The 1969 Oldsmobile 442 is Arturo's car.


Season 3

Arturo and Carlos arrive in the Oldsmobile 442 on the meeting place between Hector Salamanca, Gus and Juan Bolsa. ("Lantern")

Season 4

Nacho and Arturo arrive at the Los Pollos Hermanos chicken farm to collect their next pickup of drugs. As Nacho and Arturo walk back to the Oldsmobile 442, Gus and his men suddenly emerge from behind one of the Los Pollos trucks and kill Arturo. ("Breathe")

On a desert road, Victor lays down a spike strip and drives Arturo's car over it, shredding the tires. Tyrus and Victor remove Arturo's body from the trunk, place it in the driver's sear of his car, then shoot up the vehicle. Nacho is then forced to get in the vehicle, where Victor shoots him in the shoulder. Later, the Cousins arrive at the scene of the staged shooting and examine clues. The Cousins set the Oldsmobile 442 on fire before they drive away with Nacho. ("Something Beautiful")

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