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• 8/8/2013

Gus´ past

I'm chilean, andi studied this at school and in college.

In 1969, Salvador Allende, a very socialist guy anounced he'd run for president, he wanted to impose the cuban model DEMOCRATICALY. Extremists groups such as MIR (Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria) didn't like that. And the Left was divided. 

In 1970 Allende won the elections, people within allende's goverment started to leave, and the left groups impulsed by the cuban revolution started to grow. Allende couldn't handle it and chile started to go crazy.

In 1973 the Armed Forces organized a coup d'état, it was succesfull and the army's general, Augusto Pinochet, took over the country. 

The following days after the coup d'état, (September the 12th and 13th), There were alot of guerrillas between the MIR (who were training in cuba during allende's goverment) and the intelligence service (the DINA). The DINA (of course) "won" the guerrillas, and started torturing MIR people to "get information". MIR dissolved and they moved over and they started torturing ALL the comunists, then the socialists, and later they started torturing random people for no reason (my grandfather was tortured for example) That went on for 5 years.

After those five years Pinochet replaced the director of the DINA with someone less sadistic, and the torturing decreased (it didn't really stop)

I'm thinking maybe Gus was a torturer, or was a member of "La caravana de la muerte", a caravan which went from town to town murdering communists, or maybe he was a MIR guerrillero. 

I don't remember in which year Gus left chile, because alot happened later, like the communist army, and the cuban weapon ships.

PS: I'm chilean, so, English is a second language, this text above is probably full of grammar errors, sorry for that.

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• 8/8/2013

And two things 

1) There are no black people in Chile. The last census showed less than 0.01%.

2) Giancarlo's accent was terrible, the only thing that bothers me about this show

• 8/9/2013

Wish I could help more because I'm absolutely fascinated by the back stories that haven't been told. I'm sure you could create a better stiory there than me with your knowledge of the country. They could easily make an awesome show,  telling  the back stories of most of the characters like:

Walt- There's so much there! What really happened between him and Gretchen & Elliot? What's up with his mother? He doesn't even call her to say he's dying of cancer? I could go on and on...

Mike- What happened when he was a cop in philly? How did he break bad?

Gus- Of course. A lot of people think he's gay and the evidence is pretty strong. His partner who died right in front of him was clearly not his brother! He was EXTREMELY distraught. He makes a vague reference to a wife and children in the 3rd season, talking to Walt at his home, but there's no evidence that he has a family. He came from Chili in the 1980s and for some reason he was too powerful even then for the cartel to kill. That's interesting stuff.

Saul- That would be more humorous and mostly about the people in his life that he encounters and has business relationships with.

Jesse- Yes. Even Jesse. He's young but does have a past. Apparently his parents were still considering him to be the "favorite son" Walt saw something in him as a high school student despite how he puts him down. It seems more out of love. He's dissappointed in him. 

I could go on talking but I think we've got more than enough for a show right there. I wonder if I'd need intellectual property rights to use those characters?...LOL. But, seriously they are all EXTREMELY interesting and I'd love to get those answers. Even the part about Marie being a's weird right? But it still makes me that how Hank met her? Did he arrest her when he was a cop?

• 8/9/2013

Jonathan Banks made up a story about how Mike broke bad.

His son, Kaylee's father started dealing meth for money. He got in trouble and he was killed. Mike loved him and decided to avenge him, and to take care of Kaylee. After he avenged him he stayed in business because he liked it. 

• 8/10/2013

2) Giancarlo's accent was terrible, the only thing that bothers me about this show

Gus might not even be from Chile, Remember in 408, Hank couldn't find any records of him ever existing down there, which might help explain the more hispanic accent. 

• 8/16/2013
LucasLeturiaLecaros wrote:
And two things 

1) There are no black people in Chile. The last census showed less than 0.01%.

2) Giancarlo's accent was terrible, the only thing that bothers me about this show

Remember that the accent, his blackness, and his relationship with Max Arciniega was remarked upon by the Cartel leaders before they murdered Max in front of him.

"The only reason you are alive and he is because I know who you are." -Don Eladio

What do we know about Gustavo Fring's background?

-We know that he is a black man with powerful connections and who according to Max Archinegra was wealthy and esteemed enough to rescue him from the slums and put him through college. There is a very small black population in Chile, less than 0.01% according to the last census and most of them in poverty in an already poor nation.

-We know that he has an odd accent and speaks sometimes grammatically incorrect Spanish, although this can simply a mistake due to the reality of Giancarlo Esposito not Spanish as his native language.

-We know that there are no records of him existing in Chile.

-We know that he is extremely proper, polite, professional, and despite his power and prosperity does not care for pretty and ostentatious things.

-We know that he has answers to Madrigal Electromotive GmBH.

What do we know about Madrigal Electromotive GmBH?

- We know that it is a multinational conglomerate based in Germany, a NATO nation that spent it's post WWII/Cold War years heavily under the thumb of the USA.

-We know that Gus's direct supervisor Peter Schuler committed suicide rather than speak to the authoritities when Gus's meth operation was blown.

What do we know about the history of Chile?

-We know that the 1973 coup d'état that eventually placed Augusto Pinochet into power was supported by the United States and that the U.S. continued to back his regime. He scratched our backs while we scratched his.

-We know that the Pinochet regime ran an international drug smuggling syndicate, and the majority of those drugs were exported to North America and Europe.

-Conspiracy theorists believe that the American CIA put Pinochet into power as a puppet, micromanaged Chile, and ran the drug operation to fund black ops.

What do we know about Vince Gilligan?

-We know that he got his first big break as a writer and producer for the conspiracy theory/paranormal centered show The X-Files.

My conclusion is that Gustavo Fring is a US intelligence asset and that Madrigal Electromotive is a CIA umbrella operation.

• 8/16/2013

Wow, that's pretty stupid

• 8/25/2013

The Youth Counselor,

You're kidding right? Gus...A CIA agent? Man, you went a looong way there and I went along with you. You had some hard stuff  until you're illogical conclusion had to rear it's ugly head!

• 8/25/2013

I couldn't find where the argument was about whether Gus ever drove a car or always had a driver, but I just watched Sunset (306) and Mr. Fring drove himself right out into the desert in his black Volvo to talk to the cousins. 

• 8/25/2013

He usually drives himself, unless he requires someone like Mike, or Victor to be with him. It looks a lot better. Even Hank remarked on how brilliant it was that he drives an old volvo. He blends way better than any other bad guy on the show.


That's a real cool back story on Mike, but I get the feeling it's been going on longer than his 10 year granddaughter's been around. He's well into his 60s and I'm sure he broke bad awhile back. Nonetheless, you could make an amazing show just telling all the back stories of many of these characters. Walt's history is still a bit mysterious--what's up with him and Gretchen and Elliot...really? Why doesn't he talk to his mother? not even to say he's dying. Why is it the worst sin in the world to get some help even if you're dying?

I could go on like that for all of the main characters. The only thing that gives me hope that we might get to watch a cmparable show in the future, is these incredibly interesting untold stories of how these people broke bad...and there's A LOT of story left to be told. It would be excellent if the right person took on the project--Mr. Gilligan and crew? Are you listening???

Some people say it somehow cheapens the original, at least other show creators have said this, but I say do it. The worst you can do is fail, which to me seems impossible with a premise like this, And so what if it sucks? Nothing...and I mean NOTHING will ever take anything away from the greatness of this drama!

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