Jesse and Walt's showdown


Hank will use Jesse to gain evidence to convict Walt. He'll have to create a case, so he may bring Jesse in, wire tap him, etc.

Walt will realize that Jesse is working with the DEA because Jesse is a goofball; he can't lie.

Walt will think that Jesse ratted him out. (He won't know about Hank's bathroom discovery).

Walt won't care that Hank knows because Hank cannot make a case without concrete evidence. Remember, Hank is at risk to be implicated in Walt's drug crimes because they are in-laws. So Hank will have to dilligently gather evidence against Walt in order avoid coming under suspicion himself. Walt will try to kill Jesse, one of the major links to him. Jesse will be under the protection of the DEA so killing him will be extremely difficult. And that goes along with the tradition of Walt carrying out complicated assinations.

Jesse may somehow discover through Walt that he was responsible for the death of his girlfriend, the poisoning of Brock, and the death of Mike.

So Jesse and Walt will go head to head.

Hopefully Jesse finally out-thinks him.