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• 8/1/2013

Walter was parked

I was reading the script and i read this:

We didn’t see him but during Jesse’s confrontation with the Bulletheads, Walt was parked nearby, watching from the darkness. Getting involved wasn’t a calculated move -- if he’d had time to think about it maybe he wouldn’t have done it at all. 

But when he saw Jesse walking into a gun fight, Walt’s instincts took over. 

I thought he drived over the dealers as fast as he could, Anybody thought the same? Am I stupid?

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• 11/18/2013

Not sure I see the contradiction here. If he'd had time to think, he probably would have let Jesse get himself killed as that would certainly solve a lot of problems. Instead though, his instincts took over and he did the only thing he could under the circumstances, i.e. use his long-suffering car as a weapon. In hindsight (and foresight if he'd had time to think), this was a very bad move as it stood to severely damage his relations with a powerful man that respected him and kept him safe and well paid. His instincts chose Jesse.

Hearing that he was nearby watching is actually reassuring though, as otherwise his arrival at that precise moment seemed a bit coincidental.

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