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• 7/28/2013
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• 7/29/2013

Shame, the vid has been taken down.

Did they cook a batch of blue sky on Mythbusters?

• 7/30/2013
You can watch it here:
• 10/30/2013
Lingerista wrote:
You can watch it here:

yeah can view it there - lots of pop-ups adn stuff though

• 10/30/2013

It's on  pirate Bay - lots of seeders .

Mythbusters S12E10 450 MB

from Wikipedia:

207 10 "Breaking Bad Special"[59]July 15, 2013 (SBS One)[60]

August 12, 2013 (Discovery Channel)

Myths tested:

Things get volatile when the MythBusters meet creator Vince Gilligan and star Aaron Paul to check the chemistry behind the hit TV show Breaking Bad. The team recreates two iconic, acidic scenes to see if the science truly holds up, melts down, or blows. 

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