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• 7/23/2013

why gus killed the guy in box cutter episode?

the first episode of season 4 gus killed the guard with a box cutter
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• 7/22/2018
Good lord, Blomstar. Calm down. You sound like a whiny little pedant. Your observations about the show aren't nearly as on point as you clearly think they are, plus you can barely type out a coherent thought. Maybe go pour yourself a drink or rub one out then try communicating with the actual adults in this thread; and if you still can't behave just go back to /r/incels.
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• 7/23/2018
I've been reading the replies here because I was looking for an answer. But I think I answered it. I think it's simpler than that. Gus planned on keeping Walt and Jessie all along Walt is an accomplished chemist after all. I believe Gus killed victor because the "lookie lous" who saw him nab Jessie.
• 7/24/2018
I heard that in wikia there are many trolls, but so far Skully Meatery is first I find! :D His baiting attempt was so pathetic that I haven't been able stop laughing hahaha, he must be like 10 years old because his baits are so childish :D
• 7/24/2018
420rider , Gus knew Walt was best meth-cook, but he was still planning to kill him, because he couldnt' trust him, because he risked Gus entire operation with solo killing Gus' employes in open public (after that Gus got angry for Walt and started to get him whacked, remember?). But when he lost his another cook also (when Jesse killed Gale), he had no other choose than keep him (and Jesse), otherwise nobody would been cooking blue meth for him anymore and his operation would collapsed.

"I believe Gus killed victor because the "lookie lous" who saw him nab Jessie.", can you say that with another words because I have no idea what that sentence even mean?
• 7/25/2018
While I do think some of it had to do with the fact that Victor was flippant in his demeanor in checking out the crime scene, I think what really happened is that Victor was the only one that Gus could really spare to lose in the room. He needs Mike and Mike is extremely faithful and dependable. He needs Walter and Jesse and we all know why. I think he was raging beyond words and wanted to murder them both, but knew he could not afford to do so , so he took his anger out on the one person that could be considered Expendable. Gus wanted to make his point very clear that he is on the edge and he is not to be pushed ever again! I am sure Jesse, and even Mike fully understood as to what was coming their direction if they ever played Gus again!
• 7/26/2018
@breakingbaddass that makes sense. Thanks for the reply.
• 7/27/2018
Breakingbaddass, everything in series suggest that Gus was extremely loyal to his workers who followed his orders and didn't solo. He didn't kill his loyal employees to make point for others. He only killed people he saw as traitors. Thats why his crew was so loyal to him and he wasn't caugh despite being 20 years in narcotic business, which is little miracle if you know anything about narco scene in USA.

You are right that he couldn't afford kill his cooks, but that was because he would then have to shut up blue meth business. He didn't kill Mike because Mike was loyal and followed orders. Viktor didn't follow orders as I explained up with more words, so he had to go. Same happened with Walt, but he couldn't kill Walt at that point anymore. If Gus would randomly killed his employees his crew would crashed long time ago, because his employees couldn't trust him, but he didn't work like that. Theoretical example: would you work for boss that randomly kills his employees? I don't think so and neither does any person who have any sense. It was clear to Walt anyway that Gus was ready murder him, because they talk about it before and they tried to it until Jesse killed Bale. After Gale death, at that point Gus couldn't kill them even if he wanted and all parties knew it. After it he tried to convert Jesse towards Walter, so he could kill Walter and keep Jesse making blue meth, but eventually Walter killed him before he could convert Jesse.
• 9/3/2018
@breakingbaddass i think you gave the best answer for this case
• 9/6/2018
Having just seen the latest episode of Better Call Saul, I am even more confident with my understanding of what happened to Victor in Breaking Bad with the box cutter. Did you see the episode where Gus had them put the plastic bag over the guy's face and let him suffocate to death in front of the other worker that I cannot remember the name of right now? I think he was definitely trying to send the message wouldn't you say? He took whoever was Expendable and used them as a message that rang out loud and clear! Gus knows how to act chill and serine, but under that exterior lies a raging, power-hungry individual who will let nothing get in his way of what will be best for him and his drug dynasty.
• 9/12/2018
He suffocated him because he had to frame his dead to be shooting in another place. If he just would shot him there blood and other things couldn't not matched car scene, because human lose blood really quickly when he get shot. It would been very suspicious if he would been "shot in car" but not blood around or human pieces in right places. Cartel hitmen surely have done many car shootings before so they can spot fake one easily if he would been shot elsewhere, thats why they needed intact body to fake it and do shooting there on car spot.

He did that so he could frame that Espinosa Gang for that action and that he would get their terriotory after cartel takes care of them. Cartel wouldn't take action against them otherwise unless they thought that they attacked Cartel and Gus played it smartly.
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