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• 7/22/2013

Breaking Bad Countdown

Hi everybody,

I hope this is the right section to post, otherwise please move the topic. I just launched a little website at . Although I put pretty much effort into the site, I'm not really satisfied with the result. I got the feeling that it's just not that "amazing" as I planned it to be (as a interesting resource for any information about Breaking Bad).

Do you got any feedback for me, what is missing or what I could do different? I would be grateful for any opinion! :)


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• 7/22/2013

it appears to be in sync with the countdown clock in this link which means it must be running off whatever my computer clock says, right? Well that would put the premeire time at 12 am August 12th, so If im not mistaken its 2 hours off if 509 premeires at 10pm, 3 hours off if AMC has pushed it up to 9pm in order to fit in an hour of 'Talking Bad' . Other than that it does exactly what it was intended to do so good job. Will you update it to start counting down to ep. 510 once 509 premeires ? 

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