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• 7/15/2013

Submit Questions for Breaking Bad at SDCC

Only 2 more days until Comic Con and a chance to go to the Breaking Bad panel! Luckily, a couple of Wikia staff and community members will be headed to Comic Con this year to attend the panel on Sunday. If you won't be making it to Comic Con, what kind of questions would you like asked?

Send questions in the comments below and we'll see if we can get answers! For more Comic Con goodies, check out Wikia's Comic-Con Wiki now!

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• 7/17/2013

Its worth asking - Will the finale be a 2-hour special?

• 7/17/2013

-Could you put the scripts on sale??????

-How much does the internet influence the writing??????

-How much does it take you to write an episode????

-How would season 2 have been if jesse had died???

-Was there ever an actor whose acting was so bad that you had to kill him off?

-What is the thing that you regret the most????

-Do you find skyler a bitch????

-What do you think about the latino remake?????

-How do you think breaking bad will influence future tv shows?????

-Why didn't you let Nick Fury appear????

-Favorite season????

-How would season 3 have been if Tio Salamanca had been the main antagonist???

-Favorite Episode?????

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