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• 6/22/2013

I can't find one song

How could I find the song Suntan Lotion of Bernie Leadon?

It sounds in the 6th chapter of the 1st season

It's impossible to find it!

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• 6/24/2013

No, I couldn't find it by the name on youtube. Thanks anyway

• 12/29/2013

You can't find "one" song?  There are over a dozen songs that are unaccounted for, in addition to Bernie Leadon's, "Suntan Lotion, and Rita Remington's version of "Midnight Blue," which is only available to us as a 45' or possibly an obscure LP.  For the record, the above link is not Bernie Leadon's, "Suntan Lotion," but another song by the same name.  The reason you can't find Leadon's song is because it is unavailable commercially.

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