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• 6/20/2013

Insufficient Voltage from 6 cell Hg Battery to charge a 12 or 16 V RV Battery

The standard potential of the cathode:

HgO + H2O + 2e- → Hg + 2OH-

is +0.0977 V

and the anode

Zn + 2OH- → ZnO + H2O + 2e-

is +1.285 V

So the maximum voltage out of each cell is 1.3827 V

And a 6 cell stack will never exceed 8.2962 V

the potential of an RV battery is usually 16 V, sometimes 12 V. Either way the cell would not have sufficient voltage to charge the battery. Assuming the cells were 100% efficient (and those would be closer to 10%) and the RV had a standard 12 V car battery the writers should have made it a 9 V stack to be plausible.

*Reference values form Bard & Faulkner, Electrochemical Methods

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• 6/28/2013

your data is for 25 C you should use the data for 30-35 C .and maybe there is no need for the maximum voltage of the battery to start the car maybe that 8 volt is enough to start the car

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