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• 6/11/2013

Foreshadowing Walt's death?

In season 5 episode 4 (Fifty-One) at the end of the episode, Walt shaves his head and cuts himself on the back of his head. They made a pretty big emphasis on the cut and bandaid on his head with more time on the camera than it needed to be shown, for something so minor, and the next night he fell asleep with that cut, he set his watch to the same mode we saw during the jail killings before he went to sleep.

Another one of my ending theories, but thats a wierd way to fill 1 minute out of a 48 minute episode with a simple shaving cut on his head. We know Walter gets into a big gun battle, and it looks like hes going uo against more than one opponent. Does anyone else think that this foershadows Walt getting shot in the back of the head?

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• 1/4/2014
I think Walt will save Jesse and when Jesse get's away Walt will die.
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