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• 4/30/2013

The post that started the "Rock and a hard place" rumour

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Saw episode Breaking Bad 5.09 "Rock and a Hard Place"

Please provide information such as the show name/episode number title etc where possible The episode starts with another flashforward. Walt drives back to his house, and it's all fucked up with graffiti and shit. You've all seen the picture. He gets out of the car, looks around awkwardly, then runs into the house. that's the teaser

then we see hank on the toilet. he puts the book back where it was, then he gets out and tells marie they gotta get going. after they leave, Walt Jr. goes to Luis' house and Skyler and Walt end up fucking (there's no nudity)

Jesse has Walt come to his house later on, he's bitching and moaning about how he doesn't deserve the money after everything he's done. Walt calms him down, telling him to get over it, etc. Then Jesse yells at him, telling him that he's a monster and shit. he makes him leave

there's a scene with Hank and Marie, Marie asking hank what's wrong and him not telling her and blah blah blah. The main conflict in the episode though is Jesse being forced back into the business by Lydia. Jesse cooks with Todd and it's really tense and shit

The best part of the episode, though, is when Marie forces Hank to go out to dinner with Walt/Skyler/Jr. it's obviously a very tense scene and it's actually a little comical at points

uhh it's not really the most eventful episode but it's definitely one of the most intense because of the Lydia/Jesse scene as well as the Walt/Hank scene. there's some more shit in the episode, like Jesse hangs out with Skinny Pete and when Walt goes to Saul's office to say goodbye (Walt's out of the business so he has no need to see Saul).

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• 4/30/2013

This doesn't seem legit, I mean... I think it would be better to wait for AMC to confirm the name of the episodes.

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