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• 2/17/2013

Why does Todd keep Drew Sharp's tarantula?

I think it is because A. He is a psychopath, B. I know this ones crazy and probably not it, but MAYBE the kid was his brother, the kid did look surprised, if I would've saw that at his age, I probably would've rode off or something, it was a different reaction, or C. He is a "Collector". Tell me what u think.

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• 8/5/2013

My immediate reaction was that they were brothers. They look similar and the age is right, and it explains some of the behaviour. My guess is that we'll know Todd's last name sometime and that we'll be able to match it with Drew's.

• 8/6/2013

For the same reason Walk keeps the eye of the teddy bear.

Todd likes the teddy, but it's a reminder to the viewer of the depths to which he's gone.

• 8/6/2013
  • Todd likes the tarantula is what I meant to write.
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