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• 3/1/2013

Who do you think will die in S5B?

Tell me below, here are my options - 

  • Badger
  • Skinny Pete
  • Gomez
  • Declan
  • Lydia
  • Hank
  • Todd
  • Todd's uncle and henchmen (Sorry don't remember names)
  • Jesse
  • Holly

and, of course, many may be thinking...

  • Walt

No, I did not forget Saul, I do think he'll live but will be in deep deep trouble at final episode. 

Plus, these are in no paticular order, if I had to say which one I'd believe would die first, I'd go Lydia, for the order, I can say the first four but after that, I dunno.

Ordered version - 

1. Lydia

2. Declan

3. Todd's uncle and henchmen (Yes, all at once, I think it'll be like the prison sequence (Gliding Over All) but someone else will kill them, maybe even Todd...)

4. Todd

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• 3/1/2013

I never really noticed the pink aspect. Thanks for bringing that up. I agree now. I might put that in my post. True. 

• 3/1/2013

some of those ideas arent originally mine but they seem true. you guys should check this article if you havent yet....some of the coolest breaking bad material.

• 3/11/2013

Hey, CBPersuation, Holly wears pink because she's a girl ¬¬

• 3/12/2013
lol ya i know that unlce luke but she also wears it but pink is associated with death so she'll either die or someone around her will die or whatev. VG does shit like that on purpose cus hes a fuckin genius
• 4/30/2013

I have no doubt in my mind that it's, at the least, a 50/50 chance that Walt will die. His dealings with Declan, the Czech Republic, Lydia, and Todd/his Uncle/his whole gang are some of what could be his downfall. And I'm only being one-sided as far as his current "business dealings" go. If you look at the whole picture, he's really got nobody left now to vouch for him (unless it's under duress perhaps) except for his children, and until Hank spills what he knows on her, Marie. So from there as well, Walt getting killed or arrested is definitely in the cards. If he survives though, I believe that it's gonna culminate in one of two ways:

1. He does, indeed, go to Prison. And given all he's done, and all that can be brought against him, there is no way in 10 lifetimes he would ever be released. Even Saul in all of his cunningness couldn't save him.

2. He avoids prison by some twist of fate, or luck, but he's on the run, alone, and/or everybody around him is compromised in some way. Be it prison, be it death, be it having to leave town themselves.

At the very least, I know in my soul this is how it's gonna end up happening. There's no way he doesn't have at least one of these things happening to him by the end. If it ends happily, this long ride will be akin to sailing on the Titanic. Everybody's having fun, enjoying themselves, then they hit the iceburg. Same thing if they leave it open-ended for whatever reason. If they don't have a movie planned for 2014, or if it doesn't wrap itself up on the Saul spin-off, that would be the stupidest thing they could possibly do. And I don't see V.G. doing that.

Staying with the topic, however, as far as the fate of everyone else, I could see Hank dying. I definitely see some of Walt's associates dying. His family could die, but they're 50/50 as well. It's all so up in the air now for me to really harbor a good guess...

• 4/30/2013

I agree with your three ideas that you say will happen, because they are bound to happen at the end, and V.G. says it will not be open-ended. A spinoff of Saul has been talked about, and V.G. says it's a possibility. I see Hank dying as well, but do not know how or why or when. 

• 6/25/2013

I believe Walt and Skyler will die. Also, when Skyler had Walt Jr. and Holly stay at Hank and Marie's place for 3 months was sort of a foreshadowing for the two children...that eventually the children would be in Marie's care at the end of the series.

Hank would be killed by Jesse. Now that Hank knows about Walt, Jesse would need to help get rid of him. We know Jesse has plenty of motivation to get rid of Hank. And I also believe that The Fly episode was a symbolism of a "pest" in Walt's life that will not quit which I believe to be Hank at the moment. Walt could not kill "the fly" (which i believe the fly should get an emmy by the way) and eventually Jesse finished the job just like what he did with Gale, Gus (to an extent), and eventually Hank.

I also believe that Walt will now have to answer to The Cartel because they will eventually find out through Declan that Heisenberg was behind the murders of Gus and Tio Salamanca. Because I believe Heisenberg gave Declan a "bad" impression (pardon the pun). So The Cartel may come into play and that might prompt Walt to hire Todd's Uncle once again. That should be an awesome shooutout! The M60 that Walt purchases at the beginning of 5.1 may not even be for him but for somebody else like Todd's Uncle. Who knows? All this speculating is fun and I cant wait for the end. 

• 6/25/2013

I also noticed Purple to be a theme of Marie, another bit of symbolism which represents wealth and royalty. I think in some way Marie will inherit Walt and Skyler's millions as she will be the one to take care of Walt Jr. and Holly in the future.

• 7/3/2013
Makinggood wrote:
I also noticed Purple to be a theme of Marie, another bit of symbolism which represents wealth and royalty. I think in some way Marie will inherit Walt and Skyler's millions as she will be the one to take care of Walt Jr. and Holly in the future.

The way VG uses color for symbolism is very intriguing. I think that Marie might play an important part in the last 8 episodes, but not how you described it. When I watched "Gliding Over All" there was something odd that threw me off guard in the last scene. It was the first time I had ever seen Marie wear anything except purple, she was wearing yellow. Yellow has normally been used as symbolism on the show as danger or a cautionary person or thing, ie the assassin brothers scenes were usually tinted in yellow, Gus always wore yellow, the yellow hazmat suits etc. So could Marie possibly be a danger or threat to Walt in the end? Perhaps not phsyically, but in some other way? Like she could stumble across some evidence? I know I am digging in way too deep into the symbolism and it may just mean nothing but I am convinced that VG wouldn't make a silly mistake like that.

• 7/29/2013

Yellow: over the phone Jane's mother asked her dad to look for a yellow dress to bury her in. Of course they settled on blue. 

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