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• 1/23/2013

Ballad of Heisenberg

The lyrics are incomplete! I don't speak Spanish too well but the lyrics transcribed here, about 8 or 9 lines in it says "And no one could stop it if they wanted to" (no la pudieron parar).

After that, there is a verse in the song that (I am pretty sure) mentions Crazy 8. It starts at around 1:08 of the following video:

That verse is not mentioned/translated in the lyrics. I'm wondering if it is a mistake or if it was missing from the orginal broadcast show or what it could be. Anyone have any idea?

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• 1/23/2013

Indeed, in the original broadcast that part was missing. I tried to translate it to english for you (i'm from Argentina and i speak spanish) but it turned impossible because of two reasons: in a couple of parts, what they say doesn't sound clear and because they use some mexican slangs which I don't know the meaning.

But, if it's useful for you, I can tell you the overal idea of the verse. It says that Heisenberg took the place of Tuco and Crazy 8, and then in a funny way explains what happened to both of them. But i can't be more specific than that.

• 2/6/2013

Hey Fedestone - thanks a lot for your reply, and for the translation - the original one and the missing verse! Interesting to hear that there is Mexican slang that even a South American person has never heard! Also interesting that that verse was cut from the broadcast. I wonder why. Maybe nobody understood it!? Sounds good though ;-)

• 5/10/2013

I'm mexican and I can try to explain what it says... just to clear out, that kind of slang is only used by narcos... "Regular" people uses a different kind of slang that also wouldn't be understood by people outside from Mexico, our slang is very complicated haha...

Well, these are the lyrics in spanish and my translation for them:

Tenían la plaza de Duke el Tuco y el Krazy8 - The place of Duke was owned by Tuco and Krazy8

Al Tuco "le dieron piso" manejando su Escalade - Tuco was "murdered" while driving his Escalade ("dar piso" means "to give floor" which can be understood as "to lay down", or more specifically, "murder")

Un poco antes los gabachos "quebraron" al Krazy8 - A little before that the gabachos "broke" Krazy8 (gabachos is a word like gringos, it means Americans)

I hope that was helpful... bye!

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