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• 1/22/2013

Predictions for Season 5 Part 2?

So ive been following the filming locations since the new season started filming, and im trying to pull a theory from where its been. The cliffhanger is killing me so Im trying to see where it goes. Anyways the 9800 block of Tramway blvd had me stumped until I saw a shot of blue door storage units on google maps, with a place labeled A1 storage. Theyve filmed there all 3 episodes so far.

So to my prediction... Hank bugs Walters car, and finds out hes going to the storage unit. Hank will make up an elaborate story about needing somewhere to store his minerals to Marie and he will purposley tail Walter to the storage unit to "bump into him" there. In episode 511 theres a pic Dean Norris posted where Bryan Cranston has a black eye. I think Hank will catch Walter where his unit is and when he asks to see what hes storing Walter will do everything he can to stop him from looking into it and Hank will punch him out. Thats my prediction so far. Now, to my speculation. Hank will not tell the DEA, but rather investigate Walter on his own for his pride in catching Heisenberg. As for after the storage unit, Hank will unravel the truth more and more and I think Walter will escape with as much money as he can after he knows Hank has enough. There well have the time jump to Walters 52nd. I think only Walt will escape and Skyler and Flynn will stay in Alberquerque. Hank, having lost Walt will then target Jesse as he knows the 2 have interacted before and will go after him for a compromise. Walter will find out and thats where he buys the machine gun, to deal with Hank once and for all and save his partner Jesse.

As for the ending I think Itll end with Walt getting his cancer back for starters, as I saw in the filming theyve filmed at a building that looks like Walters clinic, and has lots of power lines in the background as seen out of the window in season 2 episodes. Walter will get in a shootout with Hank at a safehouse Jesse is hiding at. Hank will kill Jesse, Walt will kill Hank. Walt will be shot. He will have his family in protective custody, his Brother in law and parter killed, And him being badly wounded with his days already numbered due to cancer, I think hell just slowly die on the spot, and thats the series.

Anyway, Shoot me your predictions. Ill be looking over this in September when it will end and see what I got right.

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• 9/21/2013
Big battle. Todd killed. Skyler killed. Walt shots himself. Jesse and Walt's baby in the last scene.
• 9/22/2013

I’ve got a theory for how BB will end.


My theory starts off with Walt living in NH. Pretty bland, nothing special.


Meanwhile, in ABQ, Jesse is cooking with Todd. Since Jesse is reluctant to cook, Todd, in a bid to get Jesse to cook, tells Jesse that he killed Andrea and Brock (he didn’t, btw.) because Jesse wouldn’t cook. But, instead of motivating Jesse, it greatly angers him, and Jesse manages to kill Todd and destroy the lab, but ends up dying in the process. Meanwhile, Skyler destroys the confession tapes.


Due to this, the Nazis/Lydia are desperate to get more meth, and wind up kidnapping Skyler/Marie/Holly/Flynn. Scene cuts to Charlie Rose doing a special in ABQ about Heisenberg and the blue meth, and how a spike in violence in the Czech Republic may be connected to it. But then the Nazis show up and hijack the broadcast, and Jack tells Walt (or the whole world) that he has Walt’s family tied up and gives him an ultimatum; come back to ABQ and start making meth, or Walt’s family dies. Walt sees this from NH, and rushes back to ABQ. In this process, Walt is outed as Heisenberg.


Because of the revelation that Walt is Heisenberg, the FBI/DEA are shocked that a chemistry teacher could be Heisenberg. Then they put two and two together, and manage to connect nearly all the important events that occurred to Heisenberg, and, realizing that something much worse could happen if they don’t take action, put ABQ under lockdown and attempt to save Walt’s family.


Walt reaches ABQ, and sneaks past the lockdown and finds his family. He attempts to negotiate with the Nazis, but they refuse, and kill Walt’s remaining family. They then speedily depart (for reasons explained later). Walt completely loses it, and starts thinking about how to get revenge on the Nazis. But then, Walt notices something on Lydia’s phone that was left there; a message from Elliott.


Walt discovers that Gray Matter was started by Madrigal as part of it’s international drug activities, and that Elliott knew Gus from a shared German connection. This also explains how Gretchen met Elliott. Gretchen was poor after Walt left her, but had immense chemistry skills (it reveals that she, along with Walt, was a part of the team that won a Nobel Prize in chemistry) and that Elliott was a ambitious drug dealer who needed a cook, so they both came together.( Although, it shows, that Gretchen was sort of forced into it.)


Walt, realizing this, phones Gretchen, and pleads with her to leave Grey Matter as quickly as possible, and although Gretchen likes the idea, the call is abruptly ended, and Walt sees that the Nazis have taken the Grey Matter headquarters hostage, so that they can kill Gretchen/Elliott and tie up loose ends.  Walt hauls ass and gets over there, and brings the M60(which was originally for use on the Nazis.) He also somehow gets high on his own meth along the way.



When he gets to the headquarters, he starts shooting up the place, which leaves a lot of carnage. After Walt is finished with the Nazis ( and by Nazis I mean Jack and crew, Lydia and Elliott) he goes to Gretchen, and gives her a fake NH ID (which was intended for Skyler in Ozymandias) and tells her to meet the vacuum cleaning guy and escape. But then, a bunch of heavily armed DEA/FBI agents show up, and then Walt wishes Gretchen goodbye for the last time as she escapes. Walt then goes all Tony Montana on the agents, dying in the process. As he dies, he sees himself in Gretchen’s arms, for his last moments (hence the song El Paso, which was referenced in the title), but it turns out that this was a hallucination brought on by the meth, and that Gretchen has already left ABQ.


For the ending shots, it shows a montage of some BB clips, and ABQ, with Walt reciting his opening high school monologue over it. ABQ will always remember Heisenberg’s name, but Gretchen will always remember only one name: Walter White.

• 9/23/2013

Walt wins twist: Kills the nazis and the meth empire, pins the meth empire on Gretchen and Elliot. Who knows? (apart from the crew and writers)

• 9/23/2013

Ed said "Skyler leaves the baby with a neighbour when she's out" 


• 9/23/2013

I thought the exact same thing, But the family got RICOd so its probably another neighbour at her new location.

• 9/24/2013


When it comes to Walt I think 3 major things will happen:

- First he will take care of the Nazis. Ricin or M60, either way they are dead. Lydia dies in the process too.

- After that he goes to Gretchen and Elliott's house and kills them both because if he starts shooting at Gray Matter there's no way he will escape from the police.

- He goes to see his family one last time and finally dies. Either gunned down or by ricin.

As for Jesse I'm thinking next:

- He kills Todd. Maybe the Nazi gang gets gassed somehow and Jesse shoots Todd while he's crawling on the ground, the same way Declan was killed

- He will turn himself in along with the money but before that he will deliver those 737.000 $ to Walt's family. Flynn is the only person that still didn't had a single scene with Jesse and I think that at the very end, after WW is dead he will talk with both him and Skyler and explain to them that while Walt did a lot of bad stuff he didn't had selfish reasons and he did it only to secure them. After that he turns himself in.

- He might leave some of the money to Drew Sharp's parents, Mike's daughter and Brock but it seems too unrealistic. But I wouldn't exclude it.

I just have some feeling that Walt's family will in the end get the money. It would be too ridiculous if they get 80 million but Walt only wanted to make 737 k. He said in both "Buried" and "Granite State": "This can't be all for nothing". And the end is supposed to be satisfying.

• 9/24/2013

I kinda doubt Jesse turns himself in. It would just seem to overdo it. The kid has been through the ringer. Adding prison on seems just too moral for Breaking Bad, IMO.

I think in the end, Walt takes the whole rap and goes out in a gunfight or kills himself. This takes the pressure off Skyler and off Jesse. Jesse goes off and starts a new life, as do Walt's family.

• 9/24/2013

walt's real birthday is in september, but i thought the events from granite state spanned the winter and into the spring.  there is certainly no snow like that in new hampshire during september, so is the 52nd birthday he "celebrates" in denny's not his real (walter white's) birthday, but instead he got a new birthday for his new id?

• 9/24/2013

Could be. Maybe he does it to be sardonic.

Or it could just be a writing slip-up. The dates and timeframes don't really mesh up. It happens.

• 9/25/2013
Jesse HAS to die.
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